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Reach for LOVVVVE


6 June
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a♥r♥i♥e♥l, aimee, andtheniturnedseven, ani difranco, anti bush, art, artifical sweetner = bad, autumn, be mine valentine, being alone, books, boomerang bear, brand new, bright eyes, bubbles, buttons, c♥h♥e♥l♥l♥y, cameras, candles, catcher in the rye, cats, charlotte martin, chuck taylors, colored pencils, coloring books, commericals, computers, cooking, corpse bride, crying, csi, dancing in the rain, delicje, democrats, depression, diana anaid, donating life, drawing, earth, edward scissorhands, emotions, enviroment, envirothon, europe, family guy, fire, flowers, fly free, friends, from autumn to ashes, fushigi yugi, g♥r♥a♥c♥e, glasses, goo goo dolls, good movies, happiness, hard love, harry potter, hello kitty, highwaters, hugs, icebreakers sours, infinite, invader zim, jelly beans, john lennon, johnny depp, julia stiles, k♥e♥l♥l♥y, knee socks, knitting, kurt halsey, law and order, letters, life, livetothepointoftears, lollipops, love, love love love, magic, markers, music, nirvana, not-dwelling-on-the-past, old movies, originality, perks, photography, pi, pins, plays, poland, pole=safety, poles, polish stuff, popcorn flavored candy, pretty colors, reading, red hot chili peppers, rejuvination, revolution on canvas, ron weasley, scrapbooking, self-harm, shyness, sidewalk chalk, silence, siouxsie and the banshees, snow, stars, stress, svu, tea, terami, the beatles, the clash, the cure, the decemberists, the dresden dolls, the juliana theory, the long winters, the nightmare before christmas, the rasmus, the simpsons, the sound of silence, theater, theperksofbeingawallflower, therapy, travel, typewriters, u2, vampy, vintage, viola, whythecoyoteneverevergetstheroadrunner, writing, you are love